Updates for this week!

Hey ya’ll. Here are some updates for this week!

ADULT BAND (CONSUMED) – practice went well last night with Monty, Andria, and Josh. Chris needed to rest and injury but will join us for Wednesday worship. The set list and chord chartes have been updated on the SET LIST page. Check it out. Be ready for practice next week; Sunday at 8:00pm in the youth room when Matt will rejoin us on bass after returning from his family vacation.

STUDENT WORSHIP PROJECT (SWP) – practice evidently went well yesterday and we’re stoked for your next sessoin leading worship. All chord chart files have been updated for SWP on the SET LIST page. Go check it out and remember to practice at home if you can! The practice & performance schedule has been update on the SCHEDULE page. FYI – – Easter Sunday practice was moved to Saturday March 22nd @ 3:30pm!!! If you can’t make it to this then please let Andria know ASAP! Also, don’t forget to check out the updated SWPROJECT page of this site. It’s been re-vamped and cleaned up.

That’s all for now. Keep checking back for updates!


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