From behind the piano

Hey all,

Just wanted to share a bit today after our worship experience last night.  Thanks to the Monty, Josh, and Chris for their musicianship and spirit once again.  Blessed….

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon I was struggling with how to open up the worship time.  Usually I pray about the setlist before I decide and then kinda just rely on God to give me words or inspiration for prayer/verses.  I didn’t really feel led to speak too much yesterday, and thought about asking Josh when suddenly an AIM window popped up on my laptop screen and Josh requested to open it up with something that came to him. Wow, God is faithful.  I didn’t even have to ask him to do it.

Again, God is faithful.   Before beginning “Your Love, Oh Lord” I became overwhelmed with a reassurance that He would be faithful to all of you worshiping with us last night.  He has proven His love over and over to me through the years.  I see evidence in my life as well as many of those around me.  Then when Joel spoke on evolution vs. creation, wow.  Something he said kinda burnt in my mind (not word for word b/c I don’t have THAT good of a memory) “science seeks out and affirms the truth in all areas.  It should not be separated from religion.”   Scientific evidence has if nothing else pointed to and confirmed intelligent design:  evidence of a Creator.

God be praised!  I pray all of you are assured of His existence, love, and saving grace everyday.

with joy,



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