SWP news + other updates

Below is a re-cap email that was addressed to all SWP memebers. Please read this if you get a chance and if you did not get this email originally. Remember…this week’s worship is led by ANAZAO (Monty, Chris and Matt’s band). Check the schedule page for the next SWP practice info…and stay tuned here and to your email for updates on the summer worship band “break” as well as any other new info on changes and the worship band schedules for helping with the upcoming FUNDRAISER.
Thanks to those of you who showed up for practice today. I think it was a good one. We cleaned up the stage a little bit and we have decided to try and slide the drums to the other side of the stage (where they used to be) and pump stage monitors over there. This will only factor in for SWP if Zeb shows up to play for the next practice. We’re trying to change some things around to bring the volume level down on stage so we can hear the vocals better. Big thanks for those of you who helped clean up the stage.
THE SET LIST – We settled on 3 songs today for the upcoming set list (listed in order below).  I’ll try to update the chords and list on the Consumed band website but be patient in case it takes a while. Please listen to these songs on CD or mp3 if you have them. I will try to put youtube video of each of the songs on the Consumed website so you can hear them if you do not have this music at home. Try to remember how we started each song…where we built up…how we ended. We’ll go over all of this at next week’s practice (see reminders below).
  1. NO ONE LIKE YOU  (fast)
  2. STRONG TOWER (fast) –> this song has been transcribed into a new key
  3. HUNGRY (slow)
NEXT WEEK’S PRACTICE – Remember…if you miss all of the practices then you cannot play on the performance date. There’s a lot we have to work on to stick together as a band. Practice next week is at 4:30pm SHARP (Sunday April 20th). Come a few minutes early to sound check and set up instruments. We can’t waste any time. Andria won’t be there to help so if you cannot make it to practice then you’ll need to call or email me. My contact information is below.
PERFORMANCE – You guys (and gal) play on Wednesday April 23rd. Remember? So…be to Church as soon as you can so we can sound check and run through the songs real quick. If you can’t make it for some reason then please call my cell phone (number is below) ASAP. I’d also like us to get a couple mins to go somewhere quiet and pray as a band before the service starts.
NEW BAND NAME…Did you all brainstorm some ideas for a new band name? Please bring your ideas to the next practice so we can discuss them and once we come up with a list of names then we’ll work with Andria to vote on the final name before the upcoming Fundraiser.
FUNDRAISER SET LIST – As Andria let you know this afternoon, you’ll be doing 2 songs for the fundraiser that’s coming up in May. We’ll give more details as they develop. This will be an event in the CWC fellowship hall and will be publicized outside our church and could draw a big crowd. If you are not comfortable playing in this type of situation then please let me and Andria know ASAP. What kind of songs we do is dependant on how committed you all are to doing this fundraiser as a band. If you do want to play at it then come up with some song suggestions for the set list that night.
HONESTY – We worked on a lot of skills that you each need to be part of this worship band. One of the BIG ones that I think you all nailed really well today was HONESTY. If the song is not in your vocal range, if you don’t know the guitar chords, if you’re stuck on the tempo…whatever the issue is….be honest and let everyone know so we can stop and help you…or even decide to do a different song. You all finally broke down and spoke up with honesty. Thank you. It helped us be more productive as a team. Keep it up!
  • Morgan…nice job on the vocal volume. You really shined through and did great even though you weren’t feeling well.
  • Tater…great job on improvising on the guitar and using it to percussively “scratch” to help keep the beat.
  • Luke…you’re getting creative on the electric and your volume was great today. Way to keep it simple and relevant.
  • Christian Flinchum…Your rhythm was great today and your picking and dynamics are getting better. Thanks for taking initiative on some of the songs to start them and end them.
Thanks again for all that you kids do. Keep it up and it will pay off in your personal understanding of worship and your expressions of worship…as well as building a foundation for each of you to have leadership in the future.

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