SWP Updates (4-20-08)

Here’s an update as of today’s practice (04-20-08)…
SCHEDULE:  Due to some of you being out for different practices and the difficulty level of some of the songs we’re doing we’ve decided to bump the SWP set list from this week and postpone it until the first week of May, specifically Wednesday May 2nd. Andria will schedule your next practice (either on April 27th before Triad Area Revivial…or on May 4th), Please check your email and/or the consumed worship website for updates on this.    
SET LIST:  After practicing a couple weeks we’ve settled on the following songs for our core set list… (1) NO ONE LIKE YOU (2) BETTER IS ONE DAY (3) HUNGRY  + (alternate and song for Fundraiser is STRONG TOWER).  Andi will help you all settle if you’re actually going to work STRONG TOWER into the May 2nd set list…or if you’ll hold and use it just for the fundraiser (June 21).
BAND NAME:  For those of us that were at practice, we finalized a list of new band names and voted on them. The majority (2 people) voted on CROSSWIND, but it seems that most of you aren’t happy with this name. Again…only Andi can re-open the voting on this so please bring it up with her at the next practice…until then you’ll use the name CROSSWIND for the fundraiser. This might also might chance to re-vote on a name whe SWP reforms in the fall after the summer break.
ENCOURAGEMENT:  You all did GREAT today! Seriously! Your tempos were spot on for the most part and we’ve solved some of the volume issues temporarily until we can work on some new solutions. You guys and gals are really pushing through the songs, getting more confident, and you’re actually COMMUNICATING with each other on stage. Andi and I are so proud of you. Keep it up and remember to keep at it during the summer!
FUNDRAISER:  Stay tuned for more info on the SWP involvement in the upcoming fundraiser and check out the new fundraiser website at www.unioncrosscafe.wordpress.com

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