Practice Encouragement

Hello, Sacred Revolution,

As right now you are the only band continuing to practice from Consumed Worship Bands, I am compelled to call you to worship.

What? Are you confused? Let me explain.

Worship is more than a couple songs on a stage. In fact, that mere description could not ever describe worship. Worship is preparation of hearts, active reflection of the Creator….worship is crying out to God while expressing our choice to believe and trust in Him. Worship is giving ourselves fully to a communion with God. Worship begins in our hearts.

As musical worship leaders, we are CALLED to guide others into a time of this preparation and expression. (it IS a calling.) If we step on stage with dirt in our hearts and on our hands, it will probably be exposed. If we are not fully prepared, it will be evident. Does this hinder those in the “choir” (those singing with us)??? YES!!!! Our AUDIENCE is God. But we are leading that choir, and WHERE we lead them affects where they go in worship…..which affects God’s offering. That’s right. We are OFFERING ourselves during this musical worship moments, and we need to offer our best. Our “first fruits”. It pleases God.

Let me put that into relatable, challenging terms for you. Sacred Revolution, we are required to prepare ourselves fully in this leadership role. It is an honorable role. This includes attitudes of our hearts, attitudes out loud, practice habits, rehearsal promptness and presence, and how we treat each other as a worship TEAM. I am challenged by this daily as well.

If God has CALLED you to lead worship in this youth band (team), pray for your team. Pray for your “choir”. Practice OUTSIDE of rehearsals. Come to rehearsals on time. Be helpful and assistive to your “teammates”. Do not provoke each other, but love each other. Communicate to the head leader (right now that is me, Andria) as soon as you know you cannot make a rehearsal. It affects the whole team if you are not; it affects their preparation. When you step on that stage, remember who your audience truly is (God), and remember you are guiding your “choir” to give an offering to Him.

I love every one of you. I am praying for you as you prepare your hearts and minds for the upcoming worship offerings….

With Joy,



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