About US

This site is for all of the musicians, AV team, and youth pastor to stay in touch with upcoming setlists and practices for all of the different youth worship bands.

Right now we’ve got an adult band (CONSUMED), the Student Worship Project (SWP), and an occasional Acoustic Ensemble. Each group rotates weekly. Check out the contact page for all of the names and instruments involved.


Dear SWP and Consumed,

We want to express how grateful and blessed we are to have you as a part of our worship team. We know it gets crazy working around schedules and practicing and preparing….but you all have bore through it with us. Your efforts and your willingness to assist have been so uplifting. Our mission is to worship…and to guide others into worshiping the Creator with us. I know we have obstacles such as sickness, sound issues, and schedule conflicts that sometimes make this a hard mission to accomplish on a weekly basis. Our enemy would like to see us defeated. However, God is able to bring us through it all! Let us not allow the enemy to have any victory over our attitudes/spirits. If you ever need encouragement or assistance outside of our practice times, by all means let us know. We are more than happy to help. We want all of you to feel appreciated and accomplished. May God bless our days ahead together.

With love and thanks,

Andi and Josh