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Looking ahead, praising God!

Hey youth banders, aka Sacred Revolution!

Ya’ll are doing great!  Just want to thank you for being consistent to practices and diligent in preparation!  It is most definitely paying off. 

We will start rehearsing Christmas music next week….shooting for playing at the Christmas UCC!  Check the set list page for uploading songs or watching youtube videos to get the feel of it.  😉


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October has 2 Major Events!!!

1.  Youth band will FINALLY begin!  thanks for your patience.   We are gonna have the stage set up SWEET so that hopefully there will be minimal sound hindrances to your practice and worship.

2.  Union Cross Cafe!!!!!!!  October 25th.  It’s coming….almost too fast.  I have a lot of work to do on it.  Please help us get the word out and volunteer to set up/tear down if you can.  We will need help so that this event can be as great and hopefully even better than last time’s!  Let Andira know if you can do anything.


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New Resources

Call your attention to the right side of this page.  I have added some very helpful worship resource websites that you may wish to check out when you are “bored.”  I’d really like you to read this article…much of the same as what we’ve discussed in the past, but very thorough and well-expressed:

Orchestrating and Effective Rehearsal” by Ryan Egan.


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September, Starting in September!

Hey everyone, As of September 1st, we will be swinging with regular Wednesday night worship services!  So be prepared, I am working with Mark on organizing a rotation of music leaders.  Sacred Revolution, we would like to see you having a weekly rehearsal and will be leading us most regularly.  Anazao will guest lead a couple times before the end of the year, but I do not have those dates yet. 

Josh Reich is hoping to help me lead some starting September as well.  To start the season, we will start rotating full band/acoustic sets.  I need to get in touch with all of you in Sacred Revolution so that we may come up with a workable rehearsal schedule.  I am free all nights but Thursday (and Wednesday),  Of course there is always Sunday afternoon.  We could consider Sunday after church, Monday night or Tuesday night…what works best for ya’ll?

I have posted the first week’s set list on the set list page along with music videos of new songs.  Get acclimated! 



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So Proud

Sacred Revolution,

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you.  You bless my heart.  You led us a beautiful, powerful time of worship.

Your cheerleader,


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Thanks! and Reminders!

Hey Sacred Revolution….

ya’ll did a great job during rehearsal on Saturday.  Thanks for enduring the heat of that room!  We accomplished so much that day…so don’t forget we are now having another rehearsal on

WEDNESDAY at 5:00 PM!!!!

We need to pin down those details that make the music completely awesome.  Remember, no capo on Glorious One and James will be doing djembe on that one.  Morgan and Brittany, have an idea of how you are gonna start off the set and how you will transition.  You may want to go straight from the 1st to 2nd song smoothly.

I have sent you an email regarding SATURDAY’s Run through schedule.  Please ask/find out/let me know if you can be at the church fellowship hall with instruments at 3:30 to set up and run through all 3 songs.

Thanks so much!!!!  I appreciate your dedication.

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SR-Rehearsals for UCC

Hey all, I sent you myspace messages and emails, but here’s a reminder:

We are hoping to practice this Saturday, June 14th at 3:30 in the afternoon.  There will be a short Andira rehearsal following the Sacred Revolution practice.

Also, we plan to rehearse the following day (Sunday) at 4:30.

Please let me know if you have conflicts ASAP.  Thanks!!


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