Sacred Revolution

Sacred Revolution is our Youth Worship Band, which developed from The Student Worship Project (familiarly known as SWP). Over the last 2007-2008 year, Josh Reich and sister Andria Reich have been heading up the project in efforts to produce teens willing and prepared to lead their peers in worship. Much has been accomplished! The group is very diverse, with various musical influences and experiences. Together they have begun to stand up on Wednesday nights, proclaiming truth and producing worship for 6th graders up to young adults that assist in the ministry.

At the moment Sacred Revolution consists of:

Luke Stack, electric guitar

Brittany Titus, vocals

Christian Flinchum, acoustic guitar

Zeb Pugh, drums

Morgan Flinchum, vocals

Christian Suttles, bass

James Tatum, acoustic guitar and djembe and shaker

Joseph Tatum, vocals and piano and djembe as needed


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